What we do

We take the overwhelm out of vacation planning and add the adventure. We
maximize your vacation dollars and create specialized itineraries that save you hours
of research. On top of that, we find most of the people looking for our services have
been thinking about going on a weekend getaway or spontaneous vacation for
years, but haven’t “gotten around to it”. This makes our soul hurt. We do the heavy
lifting and make sure you actually get going.


Head to our home page and choose the option that works best for you. Are you ready to freefall into the unknown? Do you prefer a little more choice? Choose the option that best fits what you are looking for right now. Pay your deposit ($200 per person) or choose to pay in full. After you make your payment, we send you a big THANK YOU for supporting our business and a quick questionnaire so you can tell us your preferences for your vacation.


We will touch base around 75 days prior to departure to follow up (final payment is due 60 days before departure or within 48 hours of placing your deposit if you plan on traveling in the next 60 days). Nothing is ever booked until your trip is paid in full so if you do put down a deposit and need to reschedule before paying in full, we offer a three chance deposit- meaning after you cancel you can try two other times and use the same deposit before it is lost.


After you pay in full and fill out your questionnaire, you will receive our Cliffhanger email about a week after we receive your answers. If your dates are flexible, we will let you know within one week of booking which of your dates we found the best deals for.  Otherwise, you may not hear from us again until ONE WEEK BEFORE take off but don’t worry, we are only an email away at any time. Do you have more questions? Head to our FAQ page or contact us for more information and we will be happy to help!

The Cliffhanger Email -> This gets sent out right after we receive your survey. We are real people who actually read the survey [AKA: not automated] so please allow up to a week after your survey for this. Here we send our personal contact information for you to hang onto in case you need us, more information for your trip (like whether or not you’ll need your passport), information about travel insurance (hint: this is not an upsell, this is important so we recommend saving money for it outside your travel budget so you are protected. Ultimately, it is your choice though!), and some other really cool information. If you have indicated that you are interested in exploring destinations that are a little more expensive, we may also reach out and offer to purchase tickets to events/parks/etc ahead of time. Again, not trying to upsell you, trying to take care of all the details of your trip so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

now what?

Now you patiently wait until about a week before your trip. This waiting game can be excruciating but we promise it will be worth it.  


One Week Before: FINALLY! The countdown is on and you are starting to wonder what the heck you should pack. We like to give a few hints as to where you are going, the weather you can expect to enjoy on your trip, luggage allowance and exactly where you should be and when you should be there. IMPORTANT: There is also a liability waiver that MUST be filled out before we send you your documents. It is pretty straight forward but our lawyers make us send it anyway. [If you have any questions about the waiver, feel free to contact us and we are happy to send it over]


You should have received your mystery package from us by now. If not, contact the office immediately and we will priority overnight mail it to you. Resist the urge to open it until you get to the airport.


Get to the airport, open the envelope, snap a selfie, post it on instagram with the hashtag #ifreefall or #freefalltravelco (FYI: We LOVE social and reward our raving fans with many giveaways and contests throughout the year)


We check up on you sometime throughout the trip to make sure everything is going well. You have our contact information if
you need any assistance while in your
destination or any questions about our suggested itineraries! 


We sincerely hope you enjoyed your vacation. After you return, we will send you an email asking for your feedback. We hope that everything was wonderful and that you free fall again soon! 

Make Sure You Keep Tagging #ifreefall before, during, and after your trip so we can follow along

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