Destination Spotlight: Toronto

Destination Spotlight: Toronto


Our First Destination Spotlight: Toronto!


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I know we are kind of new on the travel blog scene so let us introduce ourselves: we are Free Fall Travel Co. and we are a full-service travel agency specializing in mystery vacations (which we affectionately call “freefalling“). If you haven’t heard of us yet, please take a second to head to our home page to see more of what we offer and read about us here! We book trips all over Canada and the USA from hidden gems to big cities. Stay tuned because we are going to be featuring a new destination on the first Friday of every month. Enter your email below and receive a copy of a sample itinerary we send to our clients.

Why Toronto


We decided to feature this big city first because of just this: we don’t want you to think it is just a big city! There are so many Day trip opportunities (see below!) and just really unique things you can see around Toronto. There is really “something for everyone”. If you are planning an international trip, this is the perfect place to plan an extended layover [PS: If you don’t know how to do this: ASK US. We are a full-service travel company and we want to help you!].




Toronto can be Seriously Romantic


Although you might not usually think of a big city as a “romantic” destination, there are a few things in Toronto that can add to an incredibly romantic getaway. Head to the top of the CN Tower and look over the entire city. Love to be near (or on) the water? Sailing Lake Ontario and Exploring Toronto Island together is a great way to spend a relaxing day with a loved one (find more information about Toronto Island and the ferry schedules here).


Best Day Trip Ideas


Although we think Toronto has a lot to offer, one of the reasons we chose to feature this destination was the amazing day trip opportunities! Whether you are in Toronto for 48 hours or you are spending a whole week there, these are the day trips we feel are worth squeezing in. These are only our top 3 but the opportunities are truly endless. When you work with us, we can give more personalized suggestions so you can make the most out of your vacation.


Niagara Falls

Although Niagara falls could easily be a destination on it’s own, it also makes a pretty incredible day trip from Toronto. It is only about an hour and a half away and there are train departures leaving multiple times every day. You can also book a tour ahead of time to make sure you can maximize your time there (especially if you are only there for the day!). From mid-April to mid- October you can also book a boat ride on the Hornblower Niagara Cruise. Or if you are looking to splurge, a helicopter tour should definitely be on your bucket list!


Niagara Winery


Niagara Winery Tour

When you think of Niagara, you probably automatically think of the famous Niagara falls, but did you know there are over 20 wineries in the same area? Niagara-on-the-lake was rated the #1 Food & Wine Destination in Canada. Most of the wineries are within minutes if each other so we highly recommend either doing a tour or at the very least hiring a designated driver for the day! If you are planning on spending the night in Niagara-on-the-lake, there are some world class accommodations on the vineyards. If you want to check out some upcoming events, check out the website here.


Blue Mountain Resort in the Summer


Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain Resort is about two hours north of Toronto and is absolutely stunning. They are currently in their 75th season! Although you can enjoy some amazing snowboarding/skiing here in the winter, there are still plenty of things to do in the summer. You can spend a beach day at the lake, go zip-lining, kayaking, play some mini golf and more!




It is a Big City


In this post, we have basically went out of our way to convince you that Toronto is more than just a “big city”. However, we haven’t even told you about what is so great about the fact that is IS a big city. Do you know what is great about big cities? There is SO MUCH to do. There are certain things you can only find in big cities like Toronto.

For example, Kensington Market which closes its streets to traffic on Sundays during the summer so people can stroll from shop to shop without watching for cars. Art Lovers can enjoy the street art of Graffiti Alley or the more formal Art Gallery of Ontario. Toronto is truly the best city in Canada for Harry Potter fans who can enjoy heading to The Lockhart Cocktail Bar or  Curiosa: Purveyors of Extraordinary Things. There is so much to do in Toronto, we have no doubt you will find something you love here.



Heading to Toronto?


We specialize in mystery vacations but we also help clients when they know where they want to go.  We send each of our clients (mystery or not!) with our top recommendations and tips and tricks for making the most out of their new city. Contact us to get started!



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