How to Budget for your Mystery Vacay!

How to Budget for your Mystery Vacay!

Hey free fallers, are you trying to decide how to set your mystery vacation budget? We are so happy that you are here! If you stumbled upon our page but don’t know who we are or what we are about head to our home page to check out the kind of surprise travel packages we offer or head to our about page to meet the team.



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Okay, on to the good stuff…


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How Do I Choose My Budget for My Mystery Vacay?


We know some of you may be new to budgeting (especially when you don’t know where you are going) or maybe you are just the type to think “If I can go on a mystery vacation for $750 why would I ever chose a higher budget?”. We can definitely see where you are coming from, which is why this first post was so important to write. However, don’t choose your vacation budget randomly based on our example budget options. Read this post instead! There is so much more to budgeting than simply choosing the closest budget to the amount in your bank account right now. Which brings us to our first point…


How much do you realistically have to spend?


You don’t want to spend every last dollar getting there, you need to save money to eat (and pay your bills) at the very least! But if you do need to make a few sacrifices (like skipping your morning Starbucks) we promise that it will be worth it. To get started, we recommend narrowing down your travel budget to a range. Start with this is what I would like to spend and decide what number is your absolute most I can spend. A range is much easier than an actual number when you are first mapping out a budget. When you choose a number, it feels very concrete. We know travel can get expensive (especially while you are down there impulse shopping at all the places you don’t have at home!). You don’t want to overspend so decide on your max budget now!


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Next, what do you like to do on your vacation?


If you are comfortable exploring what the city has to offer (for free), you can keep your “in destination” budget to a minimum! If you are the type who likes to keep busy and do as many activities as you possibly can on your vacation, you may want to save a larger portion of your budget for in destination. No matter if you are choosing a “high” budget or a “low” budget – you should ask yourself what you are comfortable with spending on the flights and accommodations (that’s the number you give us!) and what you want to save to spend while you are down there. Make sure these two budgets add up to less than your max that we set in the step above.

Budgeting is not always easy when the destination is a surprise though! Even the cost of a dinner out can vary greatly between cities, so we actually ask you how much you are comfortable spending while you are down there in our questionnaire when you sign up for our mystery vacation packages!

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Wait, why do we need to know how much you are planning on spending on your vacation?


First let me just say, one of the biggest misconceptions in the travel industry is that you can do it yourself “cheaper” OR that if you tell a travel agent your “top budget” they will choose the most expensive options to make sure they use every dollar. This is not true and it breaks our heart that you might have heard this. The truth is, you probably can’t DIY a cheaper vacation, especially if you don’t have forty hours a week to master “travel hacking”. Travel agents are EXPERTS who spend years mastering their industry – you won’t learn everything in a google search. Even worse: you would be surprised at what you don’t know that you don’t know. You can’t google it unless you know what to look for.

Another reason (and probably the most important reason) we ask how much you plan on spending in destination is that we don’t want to send you to Anaheim if you don’t have the money to buy a ticket to Disneyland (for example). We also don’t want to send you to a “small town hidden gem” and have your spending money burn a whole in your pocket. It’s part of our match making process! We want to send you to a city that matches both your vacation style and your spending habits. We want to send you somewhere that exceeds your expectations.



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Now finally, are you being realistic?


As people, we want to tell you to dream big. As a business, we need you to ask yourself if your budget is realistic. We TOTALLY believe in the beauty of a cheap getaway which is why we offer packages as low as $750/person. If you have less to spend, that is okay too, especially if you have a car ready for a road trip or are open for public transportation. We want to work with you (and for you) so let us know what you are looking for in the questionnaire after placing your deposit and we can go from there to set up your customized budget.

So what do you think? Are you ready to free fall? If you need more convincing, check out our FAQ page, our home page (with more options – including full service travel agent packages), or our How it Works page.

Of course, if you have any questions about free falling or setting a budget, head to our contact form and a real person will get back to you within 24 hours.

Talk to you at the airport!

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