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What We Do

We are a full-service travel company that can help make your  wildest dreams come true but we specialize in quick mystery vacations. We want you to get your adrenaline pumping and light a fire to your wanderlust but we know you probably can quit your day job to do it and that’s okay

If you are ready to dive head first into the unknown, you are in the right place. Choose how long you have to getaway (whether 3 days or a week) and we ask you a few smart questions and play matchmaker to find your perfect destination.

We get it. You only get a few precious vacation days (and dollars) a year so to leave it up to us seems a bit…. INSANE. We believe everyone should free fall at least once through so we created a compromise. You answer our questions, We Chose five destinations and you pick your top three faves. Then, we surprise you.

Why are you here then? Just kidding!

We want you to be free fallers for life! so we are happy to book your flights to your work conference, your all inclusive vacation with a group of besties, we’ll do it all. Haven’t you ever wated to “know a guy” – Now you do (and we got you)

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